• Luxurious
  • Soft & Shiny
  • Timeless Designs
  • 100% Silk
  • Construction: Woven Rugs – Classical
  • Density: 2 Million Points
  • Fibre: 100% Bamboo Silk
  • Made in Europe


Additional information

Persian Collection Design

0IS003 BEIGE N3, 0IS003 GREEN N6, 0IS003 RED N7, 0IS005 NAVY, 0IS005 RED, 0IS006 BEIGE N3, 0IS008 BEIGE N3, 0IS009 RED, 0IS010 BEIGE N3, 0IS010 GREEN N6, 0IS010 RED N7, 0IS016 BEIGE N3, 0IS016 GREEN N6, 0IS016 RED N7, 0IS017 BEIGE N3, IS003B RED N7, IS003E NAVY N8, IS003E RED N7, IS006B SILVER N1, IS006D RED N7, IS008B NAVY N8, IS008B SILVER N1, IS008D RED N7, IS010D NAVY N8, IS016C NAVY N8, IS017B NAVY N8


160cm X 230cm, 200cm X 300cm, 240cm X 340cm


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