Handmade Persian Fine Naein Shish-LAA (E-M 16078)

$9,800.00 $6,280.00

Naein is a town 150km to the east of Isfahan in central Iran. Nain develop its own style, very fine and precise designs.

Naein rugs usually have a cotton foundation with a very soft wool or wool & silk pile. The majority of Naein rugs have at least some silk detail. Quality is measured not only in knots per square inch (KPSI) which averages about 300 but also in LAA. LAA is a Farsi term referring to the number of threads that make up each fringe. A Nain with a LA of 6 is considered a very good quality rug.


  • Construction: Hand-knotted
  • Weaving Type: Double Knotted (app. 600 per sq. inch)
  • Material: Wool & Silk On Cotton Base.
  • Size: 132x203cm.
  • Design: Central Medallion with floral field & Dear Motifs
  • Origin: Naein City of Iran (Persia)


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